Law Library Policies

Borrowing Materials

As the law library's collection is primarily designed for the appellate and trial courts, circulation of materials is limited to the judges, attorneys and staff of those courts. Appellate court judges and their staff may borrow any materials in the library. Trial court judges and their staff may borrow most of the treatises. Other government employees should contact the library to request materials.

The law library does not circulate materials to members of the Bar or general public.

Computer and Internet Access

The library has four computers for public access. Patrons may use these computers for legal research only. Usage is free of charge but users are limited to one hour a day. Patrons may print from these computers. Printing costs $0.25 per page. Patrons need to sign in for use of the computers at the library.

Interlibrary Loan

Borrowing Materials

The law library will request materials from other libraries on behalf of the judicial branch judges and staff.

Lending Materials

The law library does not lend materials from its collection. However, the law library will provide documents upon request for a fee.


By rule, the law library is to be a quiet place to research. Users are asked to maintain silence by muting their cell phones, holding cell phone conversations outside of the library and generally acting in a respectful manner.