Services of the Supreme Court Library

LexisNexis® Patron Access

LexisNexis is offering free temporary access to Lexis Advance.

As a Patron of the Library you are probably aware that we offer Patron Access to LexisNexis.  LexisNexis continues to partner with us and the wider legal Community during the Covid-19 pandemic, and is continuing to provide access to Library Patrons remotely during this crises.  If you cannot otherwise conduct legal research, you are welcome to register for a temporary Lexis Advance® ID at This ID will be good until June 30, 2021, and it will allow you to conduct research on the cases, codes, and agency materials needed for legal work and personal legal research.

If your research requires secondary materials currently part of our LexisNexis subscription for library terminals, please contact Chris Hudson,, for further assistance.

Research and Reference Services

The heart of the library's mission is providing research assistance to our users. For the appellate and trial benches, we offer a full range of services including legislative history research and document retrieval. For the Bar and general public, the library staff is available to help locate and use resources. Please note that the library staff can not give legal advice.

Computer and Internet Access

The library has four computers for public access. Patrons may use these computers for legal research only. These computers provide access to Lexis, HeinOnline, various Internet resources, forms, and the library catalog. Usage is free of charge but users are limited to one hour a day. Patrons may print from these computers. Printing costs $0.25 per page. Patrons need to sign in for use of the computers at the library.

Document Delivery Service

The library will send documents to libraries and individuals for a fee. Currently, the library will fax or e-mail a document for $1 per page. Patrons need to send their citation to the library via phone, 720-625-5100, or e-mail to The library usually delivers documents within a day of receiving the request.

The library also provides a self-service photocopier for public use. Printing costs $0.25 per page.

Billing for Law Firms

Law firms may create an account with the law library. This account will provide the law firm with a copier code and establish monthly billing for all fees incurred during the month. The law firm will receive one monthly invoice.

Library Fees

  • Self-service Copying and Printing: $0.25 / pg.
  • E-mail and Faxing Documents: $1 / pg.
  • Microfiche Copies: $0.25 / pg.
  • Computer Usage: No Charge